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At 03:25 PM Monday, 6/16/2003, Simon Byrnand wrote -=>
What happens without -H is that when spamd does a setuid() to another user (other than root) the environment variable $HOME which is passed to helper apps like razor is still pointing to root's home directory. Of course razor can't save its files in /root when its running as another user so it has to do its server discovery process for every single message. (which takes 3 to 4 seconds)

With -H razor can cache the results of its server discovery and only do it occasionally...

Makes sense....

Do most folks run as a different user or as root? I tried running it as spamd but then realized I'd have to change permissions on all the home directories and haven't take that leap as of yet.

If you have user preferences in their home directories, with file permissions such that those files belong to the user, then you'll have to let spamd switch to the user, as you probably do now. (Or change directory and file permissions)

I don't have user home directories, I use the -x and -V options to specify a virtual user preferences directory where the prefs files are all owned by the same user, created by a web based php script, and therefore I run spamd as a fixed, unprivileged user...

If I remember correctly, Theo put a fix for this into 2.60-cvs...

I'll look for it on cpan when it becomes available...

Well don't expect it any time soon, 2.60 is still in heavy development AFAIK... :)


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