On Sun, Jun 15, 2003 at 05:44:40PM +0200, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> I'll do a trade with you ("swap you this for that"). You tell me how 
> you'd whitelist a given ldap alias list with Sendmail, and I'll tell you 
> how I'd do it with SA-Exim 4.20/3.0 and with Postfix 2.0.12 (dunno yet, 
> cos I never tried, but it has to be possible.)

Depends how your sendmail is routing via spamassassin.

Milter?  MailScanner?  procmail?  Is there an external routing host
or are you just filtering everything on the local host?

If you want something which works across _all_ designs you'd have to
do something like this:

HFrom: $>CheckWhitelist
HX-Whitelist: $>RejectIncomingWhitelist
HX-Whitelist: $&(WhitelistLevel)

... set WhitelistLevel based on an LDAP map class, 0 if no match ...

R$*             $#error 553 X-Whitelist must not be set on incoming mail

Then in SA, based on the whitelist header, subtract from the score.

> The people who'll benefit 
> are the developers, who would then know that they wouldn't have to 
> change any code to do it. Mind you, there's still Qmail and Smail left - 
> those people would have to do the same.

Just because you *can* do it in the MTA doesn't mean it *belongs* in
the MTA.

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