Yes,  I hace rcpthosts and morercpthosts for each jail with only the local

The " reject-sender= not-local "  works fine with domains bypassing de MXs
and sent directly to the server

I activated " log-level=debug " and  " full-log-dir " to have more

I noticed that rcpthosts and morercpthosts are not appearing in the "current

Do you want to see the full-log ?

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It sounds like "reject-sender" is the right option... if it's not working, I
would look at qmail's configuration.  spamdyke uses qmail's rcpthosts and
morercpthosts files to decide what addresses are "local" -- is there a
separate copy of qmail for each server/jail with different configurations?

-- Sam Clippinger

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I will try to explain the subject
We use Qmail, VpopMail and Spamdyke
We have multiple servers with jails with multiple domains, we have smtp
servers configured in all the jails, in all the servers
Every jail has an smtp server running with auth over spamdyke, and today
(after a lot of years) we find that everyone can send mail using the
credential to any of our servers
I know, they are using valid credentials, but if a password is hacked, the
spamers can login in every server to send mail using this credential
So, the questions is: How can I force the users to use ONLY his smtp to
mails ?

I think that " reject-sender =  not-local " will work, but, no, only work
the user don't authenticate

May be is a filter order ?
I asked something similar to this and the solution was that I have to
manually change the order in the source code

Is there other way ?
May be, if the filter order can be altered without changing the source

It´s a challenge ? :D

Pablo Murillo

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