Well, I have spamdyke-qrv installed and turned on in spamdyke.conf, but am still getting stuff like this (maillog):

Nov 8 21:48:51 33a45916-5b78-11e6-a0e5-0cc47a6975be spamdyke[17138]: ALLOWED from: filenkokir...@shopon.net to: sergushk...@bk.ru origin_ip: origin_rdns: (unknown) auth: (unknown) encryption: (none) reason: 250_ok_1478666931_qp_17140

so someone is trying to use my system as a relay, right?

with the resulting MAILER-DAEMON bounce. The is the IP of the jail that qmail runs in.

Any other thoughts?

On 11/7/2016 9:13 AM, Gary Gendel via spamdyke-users wrote:
This doesn't look like it's email originating from your system. Instead, it looks like spamdyke has accepted the message and then qmail is doing the rejection. My guess is that it passes through spamdyke with an invalid destination user. Qmail then tries to reject it.

You can avoid this by adding invalid user checks in spamdyke so it doesn't reach qmail by setting "recipient-validation-command=<program>" (I use spamdyke-qrv) and "reject-recipient=invalid".


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