Hello all,

I've been working on a few pages on the SPDX website on why and how to use
SPDX short-form IDs. This is intended to be developer-focused, usable by
someone who isn't otherwise familiar with SPDX, to get them to start
putting SPDX identifiers in their source code.

The first cut at this is now available at https://spdx.org/ids. There are a
few "read more..." pages linked from that URL. These pages are visible but
not yet linked from the rest of the site.

I'd welcome feedback and edits, if you have any, before linking this into
the main site. In particular it would be great to know if it looks okay on
other browsers, since this is the first time I've worked with Drupal and I
may have bent a few things...


Steve Winslow
Director of Strategic Programs
The Linux Foundation
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