Suggestion: sidestep the issue completely and in the spec -- and everywhere
else -- just call it OpenID provider. It's a simple concatenation of
"OpenID" and "service provider", so everyone gets it, but nobody will
associate it with SAML or federation or anything else.

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We call it "identity host" at NetMesh. It's close enough to "identity  
provider" so people understand it quickly, but does not have the  
"provider" part to it (duh).

On Oct 14, 2006, at 20:46, Scott Kveton wrote:

>> I would propose that the term "Homesite" be used when prompting the
>> user to type in their IdP. I think the term "Identity Provider" is
>> overloaded and not user friendly.
> As per my last email I feel the same way about "identity provider"  
> as well
> ... I agree with Dick; too overloaded and not user friendly.
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