As discussed at IIW, the OASIS XRI TC is now moving swiftly to close and
vote on the XRI Resolution 2.0 spec (which has been at the Working Draft 10
stage during the entire evolution of OpenID Authentication 2.0) so it can be
referenced by OpenID Authentication 2.0 when it goes final.

To that end, the first editor's draft of Working Draft 11 has been posted
[1]. It's not quite content complete (all major changes have been
incorporated; we're now working on the smaller stuff), so we're not asking
folks to review the whole thing yet (many OpenID folks think it's too long
anyway ;-).

However it would be great to get feedback on the new section 8 that
incorporates the Yadis protocol. Per discussions with the OpenID editors
last fall, the XRI TC is including this in the XRI Resolution spec so
everything about XRDS documents and their discovery is referenceable in an
open public OASIS spec, even if only URLs and no XRIs are involved.

To make this new section easy to review, we've put it on the XRI TC wiki at: 

It's pretty short and sweet, mostly because XRDS documents and their context
and usage are defined elsewhere in the spec. So this section just defines
the URL-based discovery protocol, which is the meat of the Yadis 1.0 spec.
The wording has been restructured slightly to fit the OASIS spec format,
however the only normative change was to make the recommendation to include
the application/xrds+xml Accept header in the HEAD or GET request a SHOULD
instead of a MAY. The XRI TC felt this was justified to encourage efficiency
-- feel free to push back if you think that's the wrong call.

Since only XRI TC members can write to the wiki (due to OASIS IPR rules),
please post any feedback here on the specs list and we'll reflect it on the
wiki page as quickly as we can (I myself will be offline in meetings
tomorrow but back online tomorrow night).




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