sounds a bit like a criminal investigation, heath.

any honest interest in the war in ukraine will sound like a criminal investigation as imperialism is a supreme crime against humanity

of a bad or lazy detective, in this case.

i am assuming from your project you are trying to keep violence to a minimum - in this case linguistic violence

you could have found out the answers yourself.

i am not content to remain a sole passive silent researcher when provoked by messaging seemingly aligned to imperial interests being disseminated
in a progressive cultural forum

who are the funders of this project (any non-aligned countries) ?

since 2004 our INC is part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, a polytech, called HvA. the production itself does not cost money as it is not printed. the labour costs have already been paid. however, the faculty did support the tactical media room to pay for a coordinator and an intern from the region for three months.

when you say region, do you mean Ukraine ? or are you messaging an understanding that this is a proxy war with global participants ?

are ukrainian citizens (not 'shocked' but liberated) from the donbas region including in this project ?

we do not ask where they come from.

knowing which side of the civil/ imperial proxy war messaging originates from is of great importance

we do not work for the police.

to be clear, which police do you not work for ?

1. dutch civil police

2. dutch military intelligence

3. imperial military intelligence

both editors and contributors are from the region as you can see in the biographies.

what is your definition of 'the region' ?

is this interchangeable with 'Ukraine' or does it include NATO territories as-well

the meetings of the coalition are visited by both ukrainians and russians.

are you talking about russian citizens or ukrainian citizens when you use the word 'Russians'

calling ukrainian citizens 'Russians' sounds like an ukrainian ultra-nationalist statement

or do you mean russian citizens as-well as other nation state citizens visited the meetings ?

is this publication available to russian speaking ukrainian citizens or is the russian language banned in his publication as-well as in ukraine ?

no, not yet.

"About a third of Ukrainians have named Russian as their mother tongue — in the last census, in 2001, and in more recent surveys — and the majority of Ukrainians say they speak it."

language is important - especially when it is banned by neo-nazis


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