supporting Ukrainian media and confronting Russian state propaganda.

these aims appear to be very aligned to imperial interests

what do you mean by ukrainian media ? state/ corporate or grass roots ?

why is it important to confront russian state propaganda ?

who is at risk of this messaging ?

in a plural media environment, propaganda is irrelevant - it only becomes potent in an environment of corporate/ state control and censorship - in an info-war

so i am assuming you believe peoples in zones of control/ censorship are vulnerable to russian state propaganda eg: ukraine and the west

does your project have a wider scope than defending the ukrainian and the western imperium control narrative ?

for example, do people in the global south need defending from russian state propaganda, or is it just imperial elite requiring defence from their awakening domestic populations ?

countering russian state propaganda does not seem to be a priority for
grass roots activists, but certainly is for the western elite

hope all is well

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