Frankly Christoph, I don't think you have absorbed anything that had been written in that very long statement.

The whole situation reminds me very much of the coup in Venezuela when Maduro took over after the death of Chavez. Exactly the same "there is only shades of gray, but Chomsky, but America, but bla".

There are moments in life when you can make very clear decisions on which side to stand. This doesn't imply at all, that you cannot criticise anyone "on your side". We don't need to be fanboys of USA to take a clear position in this war. But I'm repeating what Rasa already wrote, so I don't know if it makes sense to try to come to any common sense here.

As a person that grew up in Western Germany, for the first time I understood that I might be wrong on judging things that I have not personally experienced, was getting to know people, friends, who had tried to flee the GDR or be non-conformant in the GDR, and who ended up in GDR prison and were damaged for life.

Best, .h.h.

On 18/07/2022 09.51, christoph theiler wrote:
Rasa wrote: "In this situation there are only clear two sides - Either Supporting Ukraine or Being Pro -Tutin"

I cannot agree with this friend/enemy logic: "If you are not my friend, then you are my enemy". It has already been said here that in addition to Ukraine and Russia, America also plays an important role in this conflict.


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