> Wich version of modem_run are you using?
> v1.3 /v1.3.1 try to be smart (remember if the firmware was loaded or not but
> this fail in some cases). When this happen, it is bad as the only way I know
> to load the firmware really inside the modem again is to reboot.

To see if the semaphore is there "but shouldn't be", you can do

        cat /proc/sysvipc/sem

If there is an entry, you can delete it using

        ipcrm sem id

where id is the id from /proc/sysvipc/sem.



PS: Gilles, the IPC semaphores often go wrong for me - it seems to be racy.
I've given up on it and gone back to an earlier version of modem_run.
PPS: David Woodhouse and I have implemented firmware loading in the speedtouch
module, so there will soon be no need to use modem_run with the kernel module.

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