Hi there,

I'm using Sphinx 1.0.1 to build some websites. While adapting the
basic template to my needs, I stumbled upon the need to modify the
toctree() template function to accomodate several things.

Most importantly, I'd like to have toctree() an option to start at the
level of the current document, and not at the root level. What I mean
is this:


So I'd like to have the option to render a sidebar menu which only
contains the 'heading' "doc2", and then the members doc2.1 and doc2.2.
I was thinking about an option toctree(startatcurrent=True) to
accomodate this ...

Also, how do I get the title of and the link to the parent of the
current document (to accomodate the 'heading' as descibed above)?

I've been searching through the Sphinx code for quite some while, but
couldn'r really figure out which functions/variables are available to
the templates. What I did find out is that probably the code that I
want is in environment.py. But how would I go to implement changes?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Cheers, A.

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