I had a thought (wow).

In your original question, you wanted a sidebar toc that displayed a
list for a sub-grouping of docs.

Can you build each sub-group of docs separately, then just combine the
files?  You would need a 'master' grouping as well, to give you an
overall toc/sitemap.

So your dir structure might be like this:

Root/ <main intro section with toc>
        Doc1 <with conf.py etc>
        Doc2 <with conf.py etc>

So you would build doc1, doc2 and root.  Doc1 output would have the toc
for all of the doc1 grouping. Doc2 the same. Root would have a toc
pointing to doc1 and doc2

Copy all build files to same location.

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you're right, basic theme uses globaltoc.html template. but the code
in there just calls the toctree() template function. which I also do.
my question goes beyond that.

my system doesn't seem to know any localtoc() function.

where can i see which functions are available in the template, and how
to use them?

thanks for your insight :)


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