So I can heat trace the sectional valves since they are not specifically
excluded per NFPA 13 and 14?

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NFPA 14 has similar requirements for the dry pipe valve but this is a
sectional control valves (another term from 13 since 14 does not
differentiate by name but it helps focus the discussion).

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Heat trace systems for fire protection are to be Listed for their intended
purpose.  You need to look at the listing to see what the system’s
installation limitations are.  Some systems may only be used for pipe up to
a certain size for example.

No you cannot use heat tape on system valves.

The systems are also to be electrically supervised, typically accomplished
through the fire alarm system.

See 2013, NFPA 13, – for more info.

NFPA 13, 2013: Heat tape shall not be used in lieu of heated
valve enclosures to protect the dry pipe valve and supply pipe against

This is under Dry Pipe Valves, there is also similar verbiage under
preaction and deluge valves in since dry, preaction or deluge
would be the most likely systems used where the system could be subject to
freezing.  it would be assumed that a wet pipe system valve would
automatically be located in a heated area.

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I need to heat trace some standpipe feed mains in a parking garage when
running from the riser room to the stairwells.  Is it acceptable to also
heat trace the standpipe control valves?  They would prefer to keep them
out of the stairwells.



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