It used to be clear in 2002 but I have not been able to find it in more recent 

NPFA 13R 2002 A.6.7.2
It is only the intent of  NFPA 13R to reference the sprinkler discharge (flow 
and pressure), number of design sprinklers and position of sprinklers (distance 
from walls, ceilings, and other sprinklers) requirements of  NFPA 13. Other 
rules from  NFPA 13 such as sprinklering of combustible concealed spaces, hose 
stream demand and water supply duration are not intended to be referenced by  

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I'm going off of memory - which seems to be slipping as I age - but I don't 
believe NFPA 13R has a hose stream requirement.  However, be cautious of that 
domestic demand.  Maybe I get conservative, but if I have a complex with 
several buildings on a site water line, I add the domestic demand to the site 
water loop.  That has been in excess of a hose allowance many times.

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Does NFPA 13R require a hose stream demand? Section A.7.2 of NFPA 13R only 
reference a hose stream demand requirement of NFPA 13. The only additional 
demand required in a calculation is the domestic demand if there is a common 
domestic/fire main as referenced in section 9.6 of NFPA 13R.

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