I've seen this. Never had too much trouble getting a ceiling added when I give 
them the add alternate for installing sprinklers at the roof.

Checking wall heights is usually one of the first things I do when opening a 
fresh set of plans. Half a dozen different color highlighters and a cup of 

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On Apr 13, 2018, 6:42 PM, at 6:42 PM, Ed Kramer <e...@bamfordfire.com> wrote:
>This is something we're seeing occasionally and I'm wondering if others
>seeing it also.
>A typical office area within a noncombustible building.  All rooms
>the greater area have lowered finished ceilings, are mostly light
>and the space above is noncombustible and (almost) concealed.  A small
>mechanical room (or 2 or 3) is located among the various offices.  This
>room is less than 130 sf, so the floor area can be protected with 1
>sprinkler.  However, the A/E has decided this room doesn't need a
>and the perimeter walls can stop 6" above the ceiling height of the
>rooms.  This makes the space above the surrounding offices
>but not truly concealed.  See below.
>NFPA 13 (2013) tells me I have to sprinkler the entire noncombustible
>above the offices. doesn't apply since it's open on all 4
>We're working with GC to convince them to add a ceiling or to extend
>walls up to the roof deck.  It's just way too easy to overlook this
>kind of
>seemingly minor detail when bidding, and difficult to get a change
>order (or
>walls/ceilings added) after the contract's signed.
>So, just wondering if anybody else is seeing this issue.
>Ed Kramer
>Bamford Fire
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