Sure thing.   You seem to enjoy scenario-building and working through the night 
to resolve those challenges.   Tonight, your assignment is to take home the 
building code and find the combination of building height and construction 
height that would present a combustible 12th-floor balcony.   

Or a fifth floor one, for that matter.   

Yours in codes, life safety and reality,
Steve Leyton 

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If there is a code about it it might adress the case where a room fire  
busts the windows out, looking for fresh air, starts raging up the  
side and is on say the 11th floor of a building with combustible eaves  
at the 12th floor level.
Nothing wrong with an ahj whom would rather be safe than sorry!
Over the last few days I have been singing the praises of 'exposure'  
protection to myself.


Quoting Jerry Van Kolken <>:

> Is there code addressing the height of exterior eave and providing
> protection underneath. I have a couple of buildings where the FM is
> requiring protection in the exterior eaves. Some of these eaves are over the
> ground  level at the 5th floor level. I also had another project where the
> question was asked about an projection on a 12th roof level.
> Jerry Van Kolken
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