Hi Basil,
The first use of IF is same syntax as the case statement so I don't think it is 
required and as IF isn't SQL92 I doubt it will be included

so your command is replaced by

case when (select count(*) from foo) = 100 then 'good' else 'bad' end 

I like the idea of exist but then again you can do this (in a query) count 
where (Select count(*) from foo where col1 ='a') = 1

but what I really think you are talking about is a command language like TSQL for 
Microsoft or P/SQL for Oracle (is it P/SQL what ever?)  At the moment you can't do 
that type of thing is SQLite.  I think the reason here is the it is a Database system 
that is included in your application and therefore you application can make these 
decisions far better that a SQL language

Greg O
Don't for get www.SQL-Scripts.Com

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  Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 8:03 AM
  Subject: [sqlite] Adding SQL commands

  I would like to add some commands to SQLite to make my SQL(ite) programming
  life easier!!!
  The commands are:
  IF - e.g IF ((select count(*) from foo) = 100)
  select "good";
              select "bad";

  EXISTS - e.g IF EXISTS(select * from sqlite_master where name =

  local variables - e.g. DECLARE @var TEXT;
       select @var = name from foo;

  I am not familiar with how compilers work but would be willing to write the
  "c" code
  to make these commands work.

  Does anyone have a simple way to add a command using the lemon parser??? I
  find the documentation
  hard to understand and I would like to add these command s using the c++
  compiler from Visual Studio.Net


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