On Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 12:36:53PM -0400, Al Rider wrote:
> I do website design for clubs, etc., with a lot of custom, CM php scripts.
> SQLite is ideally suited for many of my scripts; but, unfortunately one of
> the sites is hosted on a FreeBSD based server.  Most of my designs are
> Linux; but, I want to keep the designs portable.
> I tried to compile and install SQLite without any success.
> I posted a ticket about the problem and you relied FreeBSD was not a
> supported platform.
> Because of the obvious advantages for my applications, I'd really like to
> start using SQLite.
> Plus, I'm looking forward to php 5.  If SQLite is not supported on FreeBSD
> machines does that mean it won't be compiled into php 5 on them?
> Is there anyone successfully running SQLite on a FreeBSD machine?  If so,
> would you email me and give me some help with it.

SQLite is available in the FreeBSD ports tree:
A pre-compiled version (ie a package) is available at:


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