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Ryan, I know what you’re saying about the list of bytes but I’d like it 
confirmed that the indexes are not stored in a format similar to the data.

Oh it's similar, just not the same. I looked it up:
Fascinating reading. Take special note of section 1.5 that discusses the B-Tree formats at length, and 2.1 for the Record format, which also clarifies exactly SQLite's varint type that explains how the Integer packing, which we've referred to in previous posts, happens.

Do you not think the cost of unpacking the bytes would be insignificant?

Never sure how to answer questions asked in the negative.... YES, I don't think so... or NO, I don't think so - which makes more sense?

Jokes aside, I agree, I do think it insignificant - I just don't think it's significantly more insignificant than the cost of SQLite unpacking the fields for you. My point is that it is already insignificant enough given the givens. Any improvement to be had has a very high EPR.

(That's my invented measure: *Effort-to-Pleasure Ratio*. I strive to lower it for everything.) :)

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