As one of the security guys here at work say, "Security does not help
convenience".  In the debug world, yeah, I agree, looking for 4310 is much
easier than 8af7* but, that should stick to a debug environment.

But to put a twist on this, and to lessen the paranoia of collisions, you
could implement a 1024 GIGABYTE  PK/FK key structure..... {smirk}

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 10:48 AM, Chris Locke <>

> I used to use UUIDs, but when looking at a database using many foreign
> keys, it was a debug nightmare looking for a specific key.  After switching
> to auto increment fields, its nice when debugging to look for
> 'templateId=4310' and not
> 'templateId='8af78580-bb03-4674-92ab-33cef99afdb2'.
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