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> As one of the security guys here at work say, "Security does not help
> convenience".  In the debug world, yeah, I agree, looking for 4310 is much
> easier than 8af7* but, that should stick to a debug environment.

From the user/password system on in, almost all the code I write exists to stop 
people from doing things.  I’m serious.  I’d estimate about 70% authentication, 
cross-site scripting checks and log files, and 20% user-interface and 10% 

By the way, using sequence numbers to deduce data was understood a hundred year 
ago (okay, 1920).  Adolf Hitler was the 55th member of the Nazi party but his 
membership number was 555 to make the party look bigger.  And pictures of 
British ship engine rooms and tank engines were not allowed to show engine 
serial numbers until after WW2 ended.

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