For userIds, I generate a unique id from their email address. If they
later change the email address, they keep the id anyway. I really like
natural keys.

Of course, if you want to use that id in URLs, it would be good to use
a second unique id that is not used as a foreign key, so that people
can change their "url-id" if needed.

On 11/30/17, Simon Slavin <> wrote:
> On 30 Nov 2017, at 3:52pm, Stephen Chrzanowski <> wrote:
>> As one of the security guys here at work say, "Security does not help
>> convenience".  In the debug world, yeah, I agree, looking for 4310 is much
>> easier than 8af7* but, that should stick to a debug environment.
> From the user/password system on in, almost all the code I write exists to
> stop people from doing things.  I’m serious.  I’d estimate about 70%
> authentication, cross-site scripting checks and log files, and 20%
> user-interface and 10% report/display.
> By the way, using sequence numbers to deduce data was understood a hundred
> year ago (okay, 1920).  Adolf Hitler was the 55th member of the Nazi party
> but his membership number was 555 to make the party look bigger.  And
> pictures of British ship engine rooms and tank engines were not allowed to
> show engine serial numbers until after WW2 ended.
> Simon.
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