I need some help to figure out a segfault. I have:

- SQLite3 3.21.0 compiled as a static library;
- a custom extension compiled as another static library,
  passing -DSQLITE_CORE.
- a simple main program linked to both libraries.

My extension has the typical structure, nothing fancy.

My main() function contains the following snippet:

 int rc = sqlite3_open(":memory:", &db);
  if (rc != SQLITE_OK) {
    return rc;
  char* zErrMsg;
  //sqlite3_myextension_init(db, &zErrMsg, 0);

This works fine: I can use SQLite functions without problems.
But, if I un-comment the line that invokes the entry point of
my extension (the last line of the snippet above), the program
crashes with a bad memory access error.

Btw, if I build my extension as a dynamic library and load it
in a SQLite shell, all is fine.

Any idea what may be wrong?


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