> Which it is, in this case. The OP said that both sqlite and th
 > extension are static libraries, so they’re both being linked directly
 > into the executable.
 > I’m not sure what’s going on. Life, can you post a backtrace of the
 > crash?

I'll try to make a minimal reproducible example. For now, I have fixed
my issue by linking my extension to the sqlite library rather than to my

So, it is most likely a bug in Xcode :/

Probably most of you don't care, but I will describe it just for future

The issue is related to the fact that I have two targets to build my
extension as a static library and as a dynamic library, respectively.

For some reason that goes beyond my understanding, if the .dylib exists,
my main target picks it up instead of the static library, although I
have explicitly declared only the static library as a dependency, and
even if "Find implicit dependencies" is unchecked. If I remove the
.dylib file, then the main target correctly links to the static library.

Interestingly, I have this issue only with the Debug configuration: if I
build in Release mode, everything builds and runs as expected. Even more
interestingly, if I build in Debug mode, but from the command line,
everything builds and runs as expected (even when the .dylib is there).

What can I say? After the "login as root without password" bug, I should
expect anything... Anyway, your comments helped me narrowing down the

Sorry for the noise guys!

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