I'm not aware of a statement or guarantee, but the Web site provides lots of 
evidence here:


In particular, SQLite being used as part of aircraft software by Airbus should 
tell you something. 

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>I've been using/loving SQLite for years, but the use of open source
>software is highly discouraged where I work, and now I have to prove to
>our IT dept. that SQLite is reliable and secure. The reliable part is
>easy because there is enough information on the SQLite website about
>testing, but what about security? How can I convince the auditors that
>SQLite is not stealing corporate secrets and spreading viruses?
>Is there a statement somewhere on the website that guarantees that
>copies of SQLIte downloaded from SQLite.org and System.Data.Sqlite.org
>are free of all forms of spyware/malware/viruses/etc?
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