To all that replied, thank you. Open source, not open contribution is a plus, 
so is the wide deployment and well known users (Airbus). There were many other 
good ideas mentioned like examining the source for network calls, etc. All of 
this will help me build a case in favor of SQLite.

No one here is denying the utility and value of open source software. Our IT 
dept. is following corporate mandates designed to protect our networks from 
various threats. It is understandable.

Most of the software we use here, Microsoft and other well-known and paid-for 
products, are validated by corporate before deployment, and there are regular 
scans and updates. When everyone else in the company is using Microsoft SQL 
Server Express and I'm using SQLite instead it raises eyebrows. The last thing 
we need is some rouge engineer (could be me) breaking all our centrifuges with 
"freeware from the internet" when he should have used approved software 
instead. I know SQLite is safe and secure, but the auditors only know what is 
on their lists.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions. I am a regular reader of this group 
because I learn so much.

Bill Drago
Staff Engineer
L3 Narda-MITEQ
435 Moreland Road
Hauppauge, NY 11788
631-272-5947 /
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