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> On 2/5/18, Drago, William @ CSG - NARDA-MITEQ <william.dr...@l3t.com> wrote:
>> Most of the software we use here, Microsoft and other well-known and
>> paid-for products,
> You know that every copy of Windows comes with SQLite preinstalled,
> right?  C:\Windows\System32\winsqlite3.dll

And SQLite is used internally in several parts of Microsoft Office.  For 
example, Outlook's database in Mac Office 365 is a SQLite database[1].  So if 
corporate have okayed the use of Office they've okayed a use (though arguably 
not general use) of SQLite.

Microsoft's own .NET library is Microsoft.Data.SQLite but not all of 
Microsoft's own tools use it since it is part of a long dependency chain which 
makes compiled apps rather large.


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