On 2018-02-19 13:08, Joe Mistachkin wrote:
Cezary H. Noweta wrote:
Use ``Flags=GetAllAsText'' when creating a SQLiteConnection.

Excellent suggestion.  Alternatively, you could use the GetString
method on the SQLiteDataReader class.

Indeed, however OP posted that ``GetString()'' does not work in his case, for unknown reason. Maybe a bit different approach will help.

The GetValue method, by design, refers to the table schema so that
it can convert the requested value into the declared type (which I
assume is DateTime in this case).

Yes and moreover, mentioned by you ``GetString()'' (which would be most concise and useful in this case as it does not influence on all connection) omits this schemata and should work in case of corrupted ``datetime'' fields/columns. I'm not sure where does the problem lie, if ``GetString()'' does not work. Additional info from OP would help.

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