Thanks to all for your answers, special thanks to Cezary : 

Use `Flags=GetAllAsText' when creating a SQLiteConnection is the right answer.

After, I used reader.GetValue(i).ToString() to get all values as strings, 
regardless their type.

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On 2018-02-19 07:02, Olivier Leprêtre wrote:
> I have an sqlite database with wrong information in a timestamp field. 
> Using System.Data.Sqlite, I want to get this information as a string 
> inside a very simple loop.
> while (i < reader.FieldCount) {
> txt = reader[i].ToString(); // or reader.GetString(i) or
> Convert.ToString(reader.GetValue(i))
> i++;
> }
> Problem is that if this works for all other fields (integer, 
> varchar...) it does not work for timestamp. Regardless reader function 
> used, I get a System.Format Exception Invalid DateTime when reading this 
> field.
> How can I avoid this internal cast and just get this information as a 
> text string, no matter its inside format ?

Use ``Flags=GetAllAsText'' when creating a SQLiteConnection.

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