Simon Slavin-3 wrote
> Unfortunately, bare SQLite understands only ASCII characters.  It does not
> understand Unicode.  To build in full understanding of Unicode would make
> SQLite almost twice as long.
> However, you can add Unicode support to SQLite using ICU:
> <>
> If you're compiling your own SQLite, use section 2 of the above document
> or the option
> <>
> Simon.

If he recompiles SQLite with Unicode support is this going to guarantee to
him that UPPER and LOWER functions behavior will change? The documentation
explicitly states that this is an ASCII based function: 

LOWER documentation is somehow different: "The lower(X) function returns a
copy of string X with all ASCII characters converted to lower case. The
default built-in lower() function works for ASCII characters only. To do
case conversions on non-ASCII characters, load the ICU extension." 

I am also curious about how can someone define the locale parameter for the
LOWER/UPPER functions?

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