09.04.2018 23:18 tarihinde sandu yazdı:
The example you found is not applicable in your case, because it is
describing an way to develop your own functions in PHP, which is not the
case for you.

Dear Buraga SANDU,

Thanks alot for your kind interest.

I my opinion, there should be well documented, step by step information about how to add ICU support in SQLite. And I really shocked that am I first person on over the world who wants to use SQLite in their own language?... :)

It must be download option prebuild "SQLite with ICU support" versions for both Linux and windows in download page. Yes, this may be difficult for me to add this support but I'm sure there must be much better person to do this.

It's really very big question for me! SQLite is really very good database and has lots of avantages. But nobody use it with their language! This is really very strange for me?!... :(

Kolay gelsin,

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