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> 09.04.2018 11:08 tarihinde Olivier Mascia yazdı:
>> Is it better / simpler to write your own UPPER/LOWER specialised or to 
>> simply rebuild SQLite with ICU, I have too few details on your needs / goals 
>> to tell.
> Hi,
> Is there any document explains step by step recompiling SQLite with ICU 
> support both Linux and Windows platforms?
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> Kolay gelsin,
> Mucip:)

Essentially, get ICU, for instance from the following location (other versions 
available too, if more suitable). There are some binary versions available to 
get you quick started, along with their include files (which SQLite source code 
will require).


Regarding SQLite, what it involves is at the simplest to compile the 
'amalgamation' file (sqlite3.c) along with your application by defining 
SQLITE_ENABLE_ICU (along with some other defines that will be appropriate to 
your use).

This page has a lot of useful (and important) information:

You will then have to link your app with multiple import libraries from ICU 
project, to resolve the dependencies sqlite3.c will have introduced (using 
SQLITE_ENABLE_ICU). See ICU documentation or link them all for a first run.

I'm not really using ICU today, but merely investigated in the past what I 
would have to do/to learn to use it the day I'll need it. This comes from that 
limited (but successful) experience (only checked the procedure on Windows 
where it generally is a bit more awkward to get these things done right - but 
it ended up to be straightforward).

Best Regards, Meilleures salutations, Met vriendelijke groeten,
Olivier Mascia

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