I second your comments. 

Personally, I think Encirq is wasting everyones time cluttering the sqlite 
mailing list with propaganda. Not an ideal way to gain trust or customers. I 
preffer the open and honest style of DRH. I also think its rude that they do 
this on a sqlite mailing list.

Just because deviceSql uses a precompiler, doesn't mean its more reliable, 
faster or any of the other claims. Whereas with sqlite, it is easily tested and 
provable that sqlite meets its claims.

Steve/Encirq, publish your api and make your product openly available for 
testing and evaluation. Then you might be taken more seriously.  

As my father was fond of saying; "Money talks and BS walks."  


Ion Silvestru <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: >SW: Richard,  We have written to you 
directly before to ask you to stop the
>FUD and incorrect statements, and you have chosen to continue. I suggest you
>not waste everyone's time by circulating deliberately misleading
I think you are very aggressive and I think you must apologise to, not
only Richard, but to us (just see previous messages about DeviceSQL,
full of suppositions).

These were no "FUD and incorrect statements", nor "misleading
information", these were only suppositions, and this is because it's
hard to find real technical information or specifications on DeviceSQL, only
marketing information. Maybe DeviceSQL is a good product, but absence
of real info and abundance of marketing make us think and suppose
various things (just see previous messages).

All of us are waiting for what Richard stated:
"If you view their web presentation and/or try out Encirq's
products, I would be very interested to hear your impressions.
Even better would be if you could blog about it."

Even better if all of us can have access to this web presentation, to
find out maybe more technical info about DeviceSQL.

Any way, thank you.

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