On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 11:22 AM, Brad House
> We ran into the same problem here.  It seems as though maybe the
>  amalgamation is hand-edited for distribution to remove the contents
>  of the config.h to be system agnostic.  When we built ours from CVS,
>  we just did the same hand-edit and packaged it and it compiled fine on the
>  dozen or so OS's we distribute binaries for (Windows (32 & 64), MacOSX,
>  Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, SCO, AIX, ...).
>  I'd actually like to know the consequences of this though, especially
>  in relation to the reentrant functions (HAVE_GMTIME_R, HAVE_LOCALTIME_R),
>  also I'd be interested to know what it does without UINT64_T or UINTPTR_T...

By default things like HAVE_GMTIME_R aren't defined, so you'd have to
add those to your CPPFLAGS or something if you wanted to build a
generic amalgamation with those features included.  The datatypes that
aren't defined will use less accurate types that are "good enough", so
that e.g. UINT32_T might be "unsigned long" rather than "uint32_t",
which might be 64 bits.  This is under discussion right now: whether
we even need the specifically-sized types at all.  If not, the
inclusion of <stdint.h> and definition of those types may disappear in
the interest of portability.

Matthew L. Creech
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