On Aug 20, 2008, at 2:56 PM, Brown, Daniel wrote:

> Thank you, I imported our data from the source Excel file (.xls) using
> the third party SQLite Analyzer application
> (http://www.kraslabs.com/sqlite_analyzer.php) if that makes any
> difference?
> The size of the SQLite database on disc is 9,396,224 bytes so I was
> surprised when the memory usage ended up about three times that  
> amount,
> I assumed some sort of packing and unpacking could be going on but  
> from
> your comments I gather the memory usage is meant to be approximately  
> the
> size of the file on disc?

There is some extra overhead in memory.  But not 3x.  At least, not  
unless you are doing a big transaction or vacuuming the database or  
something like that.

I'm running experiments now.  My memory usage is about (1.15*disk +  
66184).  In other words, I'm seeing the in-memory database use about  
15% more space than the on-disk database.  I'm not sure what you are  
doing to get 3x memory usage.

D. Richard Hipp

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