mherger wrote: 
> > Same thing happend to me, strangely at exactly the same time that
> > @Wictorsson described.
> Same track? Was it a local track or from some music service? Are you 
> running off mysb or your own LMS?
> > So I guess it has nothing to do with "someone" remotely switching the
> > boxes on,  at the same time  - the same effect, that seems highly
> > improbable.
> You can script such things. Question remains: are you forwarding your 
> LMS ports to the internet? Such servers can be found using a search 
> engine. The search and triggering of music could be scripted, if 
> somebody wanted...
> -- 
> Michael

I actually don't know from where it played since I have it both in my
own collection and in a Spotify playlist.
But is there a log showing all songs played locally, because I could not
find anything in the server.log.
Yes, I publish it at port 9000. I guess I thought it used some kind of
I might have to reconsider this...

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