mherger wrote: 
> > Im runnning  7.9.0 - 1443165052.   I have 158 misc tracks in the
> Zapped
> > playlist.     When playing random mixes, tracks are still played that
> > exist in the Zapped playlist.    This never used to happen.    Can
> > anyone shed some light on this issue?     Thanks!
> I don't think the zapped list ever got respected in any library update 
> work. It's been mostly a list to remind the user of tracks that needed 
> some attention.
> That said I must admit it's a feature which hasn't seen much love. Is it
> even available anywhere but on the old ip3k based players using an IR 
> remote?...
> -- 
> Michael

Hi Michael,

First of all wanted to thank you for all your incredible support in
keeping LMS going to moving forward.   Still key to all my music

Yes, I think the original SB2/3 were the last to implement automatic
zapped playlist track insertion via the remote.    I tried it on the
touch years ago, and it didnt work.     Also on my Son's SBR, which
didn't work either.

I may be wrong though....and the zapped list maybe still working/be
honored by LMS.     I recently added a whole bunch of tracks to it.    I
think it is a great feature for collectors with large libraries.  
Sometimes there are tracks that just shouldn't be played cause they are
so bad, but still part of a meaningful or good album or nostalgic
collection of some kind.   So deleting them or not having them in
library isn't desirable either.    Zapped fits the bill.

Anyways I added a whole bunch of tracks to it....  yet they still
played.    This was after a scan for added or changed, plus new
playlists only scan later.   I thought it was broken and posted.   
Could it be the zapped list only gets picked up when one does a wipe
everything and rescan?     I did this full wipe/scan and have been
playing random mixes and havn't had any of my ancient Klaus Schultze
play --- and that was the problem before.  I will see if it sticks..   

Curious if you know it is out of the code path for sure, and if any of
this makes any sense?

BTW, the way I added tracks to the zapped playlist is by moving all the
zapped playlist to the current playlist.   Modify current playlist by
adding or subtracting whatever I want.   Then saving and overwriting the
zapped playlist again, all via the web interface.

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