DJanGo wrote: 
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  - You run lms as a service..> > Yes
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  - who (what user) runs this service?> > Local System Account runs it 
according to the Local Services 'viewer'.
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  - what is Z:\ and how its mapped if its a share?> > Z:\ is a virtual pool 
drive created by StableBit DrivePool.  It's
pooling 3 physical hard drives within the server.  Although not the
system drive, drive C:\, that's a 4th hard drive.
DJanGo wrote: 
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  - in case z:\ is a nas - is the nas up @ alarmtime?> > N/A.  Z:\ is as 
described above, part of the main server.

I had this issue when running 7.8.0 too.  But on that version the
problem was a little more random and advice was to switch off the part
of LMS that indexed and served Photos and Video's, which I did and
things improved a little in that the local service only switched off 2
or 3 times a week.  But, having completely uninstalled 7.8.0 on advice
given in this forum, I upgraded to 7.9.0 and now the issue happens every
single time an alarm goes off.  So every day now @ 6:30am which is the
first of 3 alarms set for 3 different Classics.  Once the 6:30am alarm
triggers LMS stops and therefore the other alarms don't work. 
Similarly, if I come home from work, re-enable the service and then set
an alarm for a few minutes hence, that alarm stops the service too.  So
it's not just the 6:30am alarm that does this, it's whatever time the
next alarm is scheduled for.

But even with 7.8.0 the system had been running for months, well ever
since Windows 10 came out, with no issues at all.  Then it started one
week with it failing about once per week for reasons I hadn't
identified.  Then I noticed one day, during a holiday when my daughter
had switched off her 6:30am alarm, that it then became my 7am alarm that
would occasionally force LMS to stop.  But now on 7.9.0, it's every
single time an alarm goes off.

LMS 7.8.0 running on BitFenix Intel Core i5 8GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Home
3 x Classics, 3 x Duet
2 pair Audio Engine 2's
UK based
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