mherger wrote: 
> > hi, i somehow doubt it's geocaching issue as it works perfectly well
> on
> > native Tidal app (and even on Roon).
> It definitely isn't geo _caching_, but geo _fencing_ ;-). Our 
> centralized approach (all requests go through our datacenters) can 
> introduce additional issues which would not be present if everything run
> locally on your computer. But true, it's hard to tell whether this was 
> the problem, as it's really not easily reproducible.
> > yes it did happen few times that it timed out, i went back clicked
> > again on the same playlist and it appeared instantly, but more often
> it
> > does load within second or two but is incomplete.
> Could you please provide a server.log next time this happens?
> > Not sure how to help more ... i did select in extended/debug logging
> for
> > Tidal plugin but didnt really find anything (new) in server.log but
> if
> > you think it might be helpfull in identifying the problem, let me
> know
> > what i should look for ?
> Just give me access to the file. If only I knew what to look for....
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Michael

hi Michael, 
sorry it took longer. I suspect this is not going to help too much -
i put Tidal logging at 'Debug' level .. tried to open couple of
Playlists (in the left hand side in the browser). Some loaded completely
and some barely (like 10% of the tracks). Log does not change/show
anything new when clicking on any playlists. Only information that does
show up is when i actually play (either whatever has loaded from the
playlist ) and that you will see at the very bottom.

Let me know if i can help in any smarter way:

|Filename: log.txt                                                  |

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