weuw wrote: 
> Hello
> I own a Dac Mojo which can play DSD256. I installed Squeezelite-R2 on my
> Fedora laptop and I added the plugin C-3PO to LMS.
> I start squeezelite-R2 with these args -a 40:3:: -f
> /var/log/squeezeboxserver/squeezelite.log -r 192000-192000 (or without
> -r).
> When I use the plug in settings I try to pick the DSD items, but it's
> impossible.
> What's the problem with DSD upsampling ?
> Thanks for help.

C-3PO needs a special version of SOX to handle DSD (see the plugin
settings page for informations or follow instructions here:
http://audiodigitale.eu/), also then be sure the squeezelite version you
are using is compiiled with DSD option.



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