To check if SOX is the correct version, go to SETTINGS-> ADVANCED ->
C-3PO Transcoding Helper  and you should see something like this:


Please note "dsd capable" verison and be sure to check  DSF and DFF

Then goto  SETTINGS-> PLAYER, chose your player and C-3PO from the
select menues and you should have something like that:


If dsf and dff are not in the OUTPUT FORMAT selector, then Squeezelite
is not DSD Capable.

Yo check if this is the case, open aterminal and run the command:

squeezelite-R2 -? (replacing Squeezelite -R2 with the actual pathname of
squeezelite) and you should see something like that:


Please note DSD in the build options. To enable this option use -DDSD
when building.


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