Learnincurve wrote: 
> Hi,
> I had some problems playing the new(test) BBC Radio 3 flac streams
> when C-3po plugin is enabled for the player. Everything else has been
> playing fine up to now.
> Even if I disable all the options for flac in the C-3po player-specific
> settings table, the BBC stream doesn't play. It plays fine the moment I
> disable C-3po for the player.
> I'm not at my system right now and can't post any detail before this
> evening, but if anyone has the chance to test and recommend some
> settings I'd be really happy to hear what they are :)
> BR.
> --Marius--

First thing to try is Disable SEARCH (CUE files) and enable STDIN for
Flac, this is working with Qobuz plugin and others, but is a specific
workaround: LMS Transcoding process has some  'feature' that prevent you
to transcode remote streams, so maybe we need a different one.

What transcoding are you looking for? (conversion to what?

Are you aware of any Custom-convert.conf settings working in this
situation? If so, pleae post it and I'll try to replicate it in C-3PO

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