Hi Learnincurve,

looking ibn the Log you posted with C-3PO disabled:

> [17-08-11 20:50:00.3390] Slim::Player::StreamingController::_Stream
> (1206) fe:c6:a1:a2:3a:bf: preparing to stream song index 0
> [17-08-11 20:50:00.3392] Slim::Player::Song::open (363)
> dashflac://vs-dash-ww-rd-live.bbcfmt.hs.llnwd.net/al/lossless/client_manifest.mpd|
> [17-08-11 20:50:00.3395] Slim::Player::Song::open (387) seek=false
> time=0 canSeek=1
> [17-08-11 20:50:00.3400]
> Slim::Player::TranscodingHelper::getConvertCommand2 (446) Matched:
> flc->flc via: -
> [17-08-11 20:50:00.3402] Slim::Player::Song::open (408) Transcoder:
> streamMode=I, streamformat=flc
> [17-08-11 20:50:00.3405] Slim::Player::Song::open (461) Opening stream
> (no direct streaming) using Plugins::BBCiPlayer::DASH
> [dashflac://vs-dash-ww-rd-live.bbcfmt.hs.llnwd.net/al/lossless/client_manifest.mpd|]
> [17-08-11 20:50:00.3412] Slim::Player::Song::open (482) URL is a song
> (audio):
> dashflac://vs-dash-ww-rd-live.bbcfmt.hs.llnwd.net/al/lossless/client_manifest.mpd|,
> type=flc

As I wrote  the First thing to try is  enable ONLY STDIN for Flac, all
other options disabled. NOt sure it wil resolve, but stream mode is 'I'
so you need it enabled for sure, the way you tried  (should) work for
files and remote streams (F and R) but not when a plugin is feeding lms
via standard imput. That's an old story, caused by a 'feature' in
Transcoding Helper.

If it still does not work, then  I'll need to look in the code and find
a way to force 'native' (-) transcoding for the specific player and
codec (...that is what you correctly expected C-3PO was already doing
with all the option disabled...).

Please let me know.

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