Nice to read it works, and it seems to be doing things a bit faster.
Happy to read that MusicIP, also is running now.

HB64 wrote: 
> MusicIP is running and I forgot the backup prefs and cache folders so no
> idea if that works.
> Scanning is faster than the old SSOTS there it took more than 45 minutes
> now scanning is done in some 25 minutes.
> Overall great job thanks for all your spare time you put in it.

maintainer of QLogitechMediaServer, QOptware-NG and QAutoSub.

Qnap TS-453a, with LogitechMediaSever 7.9.1 ( with spotty and youtube )
Several raspberry with hifiberry amp+ and picoreplayer.
Love logitechmediaserver for it flexibel way, to play music from
different sources.*
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