On my QNap TS-439 with QTS 4.2.6 I am trying to get your latest version
to work with no succes the content of the logfile reveals some errors
that there is no access to certain files, below I will post the content
of that file.

    [18-03-02 15:30:16.8844] main::init (387) Starting Logitech Media Server 
(v7.9.1, 1519287262, Thu Feb 22 09:27:46 CET 2018) perl 5.024000 - 
  [18-03-02 15:30:18.5495] YAML::XS::DumpFile (31) Warning: Can't open 
for output:
  Permission denied at 
/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/LogitechMediaServer/SlimServer/CPAN/YAML/XS.pm line 31.

MusicIP fails also, maybe I have missed some critical steps to make it
all in working order but I have no idea.

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