New release of QLogitechMediaServer V1.07.3 for Qnap QTS 4.2 or higher
with x86/i*86/x86_64 ( 02-03-2018 )
MDS5 check [ 8a64dd079748324cbaf15f4fd490ac78
LogitechMediaServer_1.07.3.qpkg ]

'QLogitechMediaServer_V1.07.3 for Qnap x86/i386/i686/x86_64 with QTS 4.2
or higher !' (https://goo.gl/dF9yn2) :DD 

================= QLogitechMediaSever version 1.07.3 ================
+Minor adjustment for Nas systems running on QTS 4.2 or lower, to handle
several commands correctly. Fix for the “Check you’re configuration
error” at startup.
+ Checked script with this info, and made some minor changes on other
commands, so they will work proper even on QTS 4.2 and lower.
+ If exist renice will been done, at the start of the init-script.
+ Changed messages “Building from scratch”,”Upgrading” from warning to
+ Add the service MusicIP [1.8], for those who love this services. (Can
be activated through the .QLMS.config file, or by doing [ touch MUSICIP
] in the .qpkg/LogitechMediaServer/ directory.) ( More info on how to
use it, visited https://www.spicefly.com/) (I only supply away to
install and run the services ) :) 
+ MusicIP is integrated in message’s and logs for QLogitechMediaServer.
+ When MusicIP is enabled and running, can be found in the
resourcemonitor from QNap. (QmusicIPServer)*

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