DJanGo wrote: 
> Hi,
> hiding private ips here in case of "need help" is a little bit over the
> top and not helping anyone.
> using placeholder like  x.y.z.1 or x.y.z.50 only make a little bit of
> sense when x;y and z are always "whatever"
> basically you describing something like i am using a reverse proxy and
> one system thats in the same network like the proxy cant connect,
> That means:
> The proxy isnt configured the right way.
> Without know the setup/config its a unsolvalbe issue. xyz didnt help and
> xyz isnt needed fpr private adresses !.
> (These lines told me something - you wouldnt like to read)
Good to know. I don't think it makes much of a difference if x.y.z is
192.168.0 or 11.11.11.
Thankfully the proxy is configured correctly, otherwise I'd have great
difficulties in accessing my web apps. ;-) It's just that the latest
release of LMS is not playing nicely in this setup. And I was hoping to
get some advice or suggestions here.

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