streifenleopard wrote: 
> Hello,
> I have had this problem for a while but I cannot seem to figure out how
> to set up LMS.
> all I want is that every artist in my collection is displayed under
> "Artist" or "All Artists" or whatever might be in the menu. This must
> also include artists that are not album artists but must exclude
> composers or conductors etc.

"Album Artists" artist are shown if you have at least on album of an
artist. Madonna for example. If you also have a single track of that
artist on a compilation, it will be listed here also (IF you have at
least on album of that artist.)

"All Artists" will show all artist you have. If you have one track in a
compilation from artist x but no album of that artist, he will be found
here but not in "Album Artists", whereas Madonna will be in Album
Artists AND All Artists.

streifenleopard wrote: 
> What is the difference between "Gruppe" and "Band"?
> What is the difference between "Kuenstler" and "Interpret"?
> Why can't "Gruppen" be "Interpreten"?
> Why can't "Band" be "Album Artist"?
> This is utterly confusing.

Bad translation, bad choice of words, because of bad translation, should
be, yes.

Gruppe: "Kompilationsalben als Gruppe auflisten" -> "Compilations
Band: Orchester
K√ľnstler: general term that is used here for composer, conductor, band,
and artist. 
Interpreten: Whatever you chose for "K√ľnstler"
Band should be in Album Artists, according to your screenshot, though.

But from what I've read, you want:

Use two separate lists for Album Artists and All Artists
treat TPE2 MP3 tag as Album Artist

Don't know what "configure music menus" does. I don't think you need it
for what you want to accomplish.

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