dolodobendan wrote: 
> But from what I've read, you want:
> Use two separate lists for Album Artists and All Artists
> treat TPE2 MP3 tag as Album Artist
Thank you for your reply.
This is what I tried but under it returns all shrewd people (i.e.
Composers etc.) too and I don't want this.
dolodobendan wrote: 
> Don't know what "configure music menus" does. I don't think you need it
> for what you want to accomplish.
This is why I thought I'd give this plugin a try...

dsm 6.2 (synology disk station 115) running lms 7.9.1 -- rpi with a
hifiberry dac+ running picoreplayer (any old version?) -- nokia lumia
running windows phone 8.1 and soundicity -- <s>moto g peregrine xt1039
running cm 14 (android 7.1.2)</s> -- <s>zettaly avy running android
4.4.4</s> -- squeeze ctrl app
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